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At the Heart of it All: Bridgehampton Benefit - The Charitable Branch of Bridgehampton Equities

Bridgehampton Equities believes that success is not just measured by financial growth, but by the positive impact we can create in the world. This belief is the driving force behind our charitable initiative, Bridgehampton Benefit. Led by our founder, Jason E. Zimmerman, Bridgehampton Benefit is an annual celebrity-driven charity event held in the exclusive Hamptons. Through this event, we aim not only to raise funds but also to elevate awareness for humanitarian causes that make a significant impact worldwide.

All About Giving: Bridgehampton Benefit

Bridgehampton Benefit operates on the belief that generosity connects us to a deeper purpose in life. It's about planting seeds of kindness that change lives in profound ways. As leaders in the investment industry, we understand that investing time and resources in supporting others yields returns that are immeasurable and invaluable. Through Bridgehampton Benefit, we partner with select charities.


We are honored to partner once again with the Jack Brewer Foundation (JBF), a remarkable organization dedicated to empowering underserved communities worldwide. Founded by former NFL player Jack Brewer, JBF's mission is to "Empower from Within."


Since 2006, the foundation has been instrumental in providing resources and support across various critical areas, including disaster relief, healthcare, education, and spiritual guidance. This partnership allows us to maximize our impact by supporting established programs with proven track records of success.

Key Initiatives of JBF

JBF Relief

One of the cornerstone initiatives of JBF is JBF Relief, which focuses on delivering disaster and medical aid to communities in crisis. This program has provided over $70 million in medical aid and supports over 35 orphan care centers globally. Our contributions to JBF Relief help ensure that immediate and effective assistance reaches those affected by natural disasters and other emergencies. In its truest form, JBF Relief is more than just providing aid; it's about building resilience and restoring hope.

Faith & Fatherhood

Fatherlessness is a significant issue with far-reaching effects on communities. The Faith & Fatherhood initiative addresses the challenges faced by fatherless youth by promoting positive fatherhood and mentorship. Programs like the American Heroes Fatherhood Initiative offer support to fatherless youth and encourage responsible fatherhood. By supporting this initiative, we contribute to breaking cycles of poverty and instability. Also, by fostering strong familial bonds and providing mentorship, we help create a stable and supportive environment for young individuals to thrive.

Research & Advocacy

Advocacy is about amplifying the voices of those who are often unheard. Through extensive research and advocacy, the Jack Brewer Foundation seeks to influence policy and promote initiatives that benefit underserved communities. Our support in this area helps JBF advocate for better healthcare, education, and social services, ensuring that the needs of the most vulnerable populations are met. And most importantly, we help push for systemic changes that can improve the quality of life for countless individuals.

How You Can Get Involved

We invite you to join us in supporting the Jack Brewer Foundation through the Bridgehampton Benefit. Here are a few ways you can contribute:


Your financial contributions can make a significant impact. Donations can be made directly through the Jack Brewer Foundation website. Every contribution, no matter the size, helps us further our mission and expand our reach.

Spread the Word

Help raise awareness about the work of the Jack Brewer Foundation and the Bridgehampton Benefit. Share their stories, successes, and needs within your network to amplify their reach and impact. By spreading the word, you help build a broader base of support that can drive lasting change.

At Bridgehampton Equities, we are committed to using our success to make a positive impact. Through the Bridgehampton Benefit, we are proud to support the Jack Brewer Foundation and its mission to empower underserved communities. By contributing to initiatives in healthcare, education, disaster relief, and more, we are helping to build a better future for those in need.

We also support Maggie’s Mission, where fundraising proceeds are dedicated to pediatric cancer research, treatment, and support services for affected children and their families. We are a proud sponsor of their annual event.


The Bridgehampton Benefit is more than a charitable initiative; it's a testament to our commitment to corporate social responsibility and our belief in the power of collective action. Together, we can transform lives, uplift communities, and foster a more equitable world.

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