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Bridgehampton Equities Announces Partnership With New Game-Changing Hydration Product, DryWater

Bridgehampton Equities is thrilled to announce its recent partnership with DryWater. Bridgehampton Equities, the New York firm with offices based in the Hamptons and Manhattan, is a source of experience, knowledge, and partnerships in real estate and investment industries. This focused and robust company, led by founder and CEO, Jason Zimmerman, offers unique access to a broad network of capital sources. Jason Zimmerman, a leader in matching investors with opportunities, has over 25 years of experience in finance and real estate. Bridgehampton Equities has just signed on DryWater as their new client.

DryWater, a California-based company, is rapidly growing in its fanbase nationwide with its revolutionary hydration product. This new product introduced the first nutritionally complete hydration powder to the market utilizing breakthrough IsoCell science, which is a cellular delivery method that combines rapid H₂O absorption with the delivery of vital micronutrients. DryWater is the purest blend of electrolytes, minerals, vitamins, and real fruits in raw powder form, and it offers cellular hydration that works five times faster than normal water. Plus, there is nothing artificial, it’s rigorously tested, and includes completely clean ingredients. The innovative new company is run by founder and CEO Bryan Appio, who is exhilarated to work with Bridgehampton Equities.

“Our partnership with Bridgehampton Equities is a big step forward for DryWater.” said Bryan, “Their support and expertise provide us with the resources and momentum to fuel growth and innovation in our industry, furthering our mission to inspire every‘body,’ everywhere to put hydration first."

Jason Zimmerman shares, “We prioritize partnerships like this one, and I’m excited to see how DryWater will grow.” He said, “This product is unique to the market and has already made a big impact.”

To learn more about DryWater, visit

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